Borderlands 2 Fourteen Minute Gameplay Preview

Borderlands is back! Well, yeah we all knew that, but now we have a meaty slice of actual gameplay footage to dig our collective teeth into. The footage doesn’t show any huge forays away from the original’s formula, but with the rock-solid co-op awesomeness that was Borderlands, I would argue that an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it approach to the sequel wouldn’t be a bad idea.

My favorite part of the video? The gun that you can throw at people, and have another regenerate in your hand, made by the “Walmart of gun manufacturers.” Hilarious. And probably not great for the environment. But Pandora is already a wasteland, so I say have at it. And I have no idea how dual-wielding a shotgun and sniper rifle will work (or why I would want to), but who cares? It’s just so cool.

Check it out for yourself, and join the ever-growing having-to-wait-until-late-2012-for-this-game-sucks club.



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