Serious Sam Double D Review (PC)

Serious Sam Double D logoGame Review: Serious Sam Double D
Release: 8/30/2011
Genre: Side-scrolling Action Platformer
Developer: Mommy’s Best Games
Available Platforms: Steam and PC (Xbox 360 Version Under Development)
Players: 1
MSRP: $7.99
ESRB Rating: Not Yet Rated

Ever wonder what it’d be like if a horny 14 year old that had a fascination with guns, learned how to program, and released his very own game?  Then look no further than Serious Sam Double D for your non-stop, big-boobed, gun-powdered action fix. Serious Sam Double D is a side-scroller that takes the series’ roots and packs them into an easy-to-digest indie game that doesn’t skimp on the fun or action.

Serious Sam Double D completely gets where the original games were coming from, and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Each level is filled with tons of enemies that are more than willing to attack you from every direction, which has you running and gunning like its first-person shooter counterparts. The game is also crammed with screen filling bosses that will have you evading as you fill your enemies with bullets, lasers, rockets, and flames.

Serious Sam Double D Battle Screenshot

The shooting mechanic is a mixture of unique and just plain crazy. You start with a simple selection of guns, but quickly find Gun Connectors which allow you to combine your guns together for more killing power.  Sure, games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allow you to add attachments from other guns, but that’s for wusses; this game lets you literally pile guns on top of each other. Unfortunately, once the novelty dissipated I found the gameplay mechanic made little difference in the end, as whichever guns I chose would still get the job done.

What really had me giddy while playing the game was the fairly large cast of random bad guys you come across within the game. There was everything from literal bombshells that held dual bombs chest height, to flying amputee chimpanzees armed with double-sided banana grenades. Along with the enemies, I enjoyed the boy’s locker room humor which ranged from eye rolling to giggle-inducing, and even included a rant about Charles In Charge.

Picture of Chimputee from Serious Sam Double D

While the game is good-sized for being an indie game, I did find the gameplay to be a little repetitive in the later levels. When it comes down to it, you will be jumping from platform to platform shooting at enemies that either run at you or have simple shooting patterns that are easy to avoid. While this isn’t a huge complaint, it is one that I found eventually wearing on me as the game moved on.

Serious Sam Double D is a great 2D platform action ride in a universe that has been overlooked by many. It’d be difficult to find a better priced game that provides this much fun, humor, and action. Mommy’s Best Games has shown their chops with games like Grapple Buggy and Shoot 1Up, and I was glad to see them branching out to cover other properties with their unique indie game style. I definitely hope to get my hands on Serious Sam 3 BFE to get a larger taste of what Sam has to offer.

+ Crazy sense of humor

+ Great side-scrolling old school gaming

+ Awesome price

+ Unlockable Challenge levels

– Repetitive gameplay

Final Score: 7/10

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