Xbox World Magazine Reports Mirror’s Edge 2 Is Under Development

Oh, how good it is to hear positive news about this franchise. We’ve had off-and-on news about a new Mirror’s Edge game for months now, with news ranging from it being all-out canceled, to being just on hold. E3 gave us hope with its hint at the sequel using the same Frostbite 2 engine which Battlefield 3 will showcase this fall. But it’s been pretty quiet. Until now. The November issue of Xbox World Magazine apparently has the scoop of the newest iteration of the first person parkour franchise. The magazine attests to the game being under development over at DICE, and its targeted release date in late 2012. Here’s a quote from the article:

”Better news for anyone who likes beautiful worlds and okay-ish parkour is Mirror’s Edge 2, which DICE and EA have all but confirmed, and which will run on DICE’s eye-destroying Frostbite 2 engine.”

Besides the jab at the game’s silky-smooth traversal mechanics, this gets me giddily excited. That Battlefield 3 engine looks phenomenal, and paired with the Mirror’s Edge franchise’s clean aesthetic, it could in fact be “eye-destroying.” And I want to believe all of this 100%, but with no confirmations from EA or DICE, and an odd quiet about the news on other big-name gaming sites, let’s just say I’ll stay guardedly optimistic.

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