PAX Prime 2011: Zelda Skyward Sword Gameplay

Hello Platform Nation!  I’ve got another video post for you today from PAX Prime of Nintendo’s Zelda: Skyward Sword. While this isn’t actually me playing here, I did get a chance to play for a short while as well. I won’t lie, I was planning on buying this game long before I got a chance to try it.  But I wasn’t let down by what I saw and played.  The controls for Skyward Sword were indeed better than in Twilight Princess, but I wouldn’t call it a huge difference. The new directional sword attacks opened up some interesting new tactics for taking down enemies; now that you have control over which portion of your foe you wish to stab or slash. I also found myself enjoying the graphics for what they were, but still prefer the darker look of Twilight.

Most of my complaints are more like matters of opinion than notable criticism, however, and I walked away feeling genuinely excited to play the game in its entirety on November 20th. Gameplay has always been what truly makes Zelda what it is, and in that regard, I’m happy to say, Skyward Sword ought to be a blast. Here is a little taste of the gameplay from the PAX Prime show floor:

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  • supermcawsomevill

    Omg. Another Zelda game for the Wii. Must get.