Namco Bandai Release Fun New Trailer For Go Vacation Wii

Screenshot of Surfing in Go Vacation

Namco is set to release Go Vacation for the Nintendo Wii on October 11, 2011 and the game looks to be shaping up to be a fun romp. Go Vacation is a family friendly and will feature dozens of different activities to enjoy and varied environment for you and your friends to explore . You will also be able to train a pet and build/decorate your very own villa.

Go Vacation provides the opportunity to explore four different resorts on the island, each of which offers their own unique activities.  From surfing,  kayaking, scuba diving, skydiving, horseback riding, miniature golfing, sniping, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, street racing, dancing and much more.

With tons of fun in the sun, sea, snow and city, Go Vacation comes out on October 11 for the Wii™ system with full support for the full line of accessories, including the Wii Fit Board, the Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Zapper Light Gun.

As you can see in Namco Bandai’s new Go Vacation trailer, the game looks like it’s going for a one-stop shop of sports, mini games, exploration, and just plain fun on the Nintendo Wii. Who needs to buy 8 versions of Carnival Games, Wii Sports Resort, or any of those other limited games? I’d rather grab this and have all my fun on one huge island. Check back with Platform Nation to see how this game shapes up when it releases October, 2011.

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