Star Fox 64 3D Rolls In On 9/9/11

Star Fox 64 3D

Barrel roll anyone?

To barrel roll or not to barrel roll? That is the question…3DS owners will face this Friday September 9th.  The first major 3DS release since the handheld’s deep price drop in mid-August, Star Fox 64 3D is an upgraded and enhanced port of the popular game released on the Nintendo 64.  Originally released 14 years ago, this remake promises the same intense action as the original but with enhanced graphics and control schemes.

I for one will be barrel rolling.  A generation of gamers was skipped with the gap between releases.  But now, not only new gamers but gamers like me who missed Fox McCloud and friends the first time around, will get a chance to pilot an Arwing and fly into the fray.  I’m also really looking forward to taking advantage of the 3DS hardware.  I imagine the gyroscope controls will be a natural fit.  Even the 3DS’s built-in ‘Face Raiders’ software was intuitive to control and surprisingly immersive.  I’m also a bit surprised by the Friday release; maybe Nintendo is straying from their normal Sunday release for more sales, or perhaps avoiding the 9/11 anniversary altogether.

Bring on the slings and arrows!



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  • Kcrockett11

    I think it was a smart move by Nintendo to release a few days early, you are piloting Ships/planes whatever ya want to call them, I think it was a smart move to not look insensitive to the 10th anniversary of 9/11

  • NinjaGabe

    I remember buying a rumble pack for my Nintendo 64 controller just for this game. I played Star Fox so many times, trying to get different paths, beat my high-scores…never got old.
    My friends and I would dogfight all the time on multiplayer as well, anytime we were in the same building. Can’t wait to get my hands on it again 🙂