GameFly’s New Digital Service Goes Into An Invite Only Closed Beta

GameFly goes digital
Back in August, Gamefly announced their unprecedented plans to move into the digital gaming space. Their announcement has proved to be quite divisive as gamers were either perplexed at what exactly the selection would be or enthused by the idea of a Netflix Instant type service for PC games. Thankfully a select few get to find out for themselves as the beta is now open and all it takes is submitting your email address on Gamefly’s Beta Signup Page.

“We’re thrilled to bring digital to the gaming consumer in a meaningful way, as no other service or retailer brings physical and digital gaming together like GameFly,” said Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content. “With a library of over 9,500 titles from over 300 first- and third-party publishers, GameFly members have the ultimate choice of how, what, when and where they game.”

GameFly will launch their closed beta at a Los Angeles event on September 8, 2011, exclusively for GameFly members. All attendees will walk away with beta codes for themselves and a friend. Gaming enthusiasts not in the Los Angeles area who want to gain access to the private beta can visit The digital client will launch publicly during the holidays, but for a sneak peak now, see the teaser trailer here —

I’ve been a GameFly subscriber for years now and the idea of this added service has only given me more of a reason to stick with the service. Regardless of what the game selections are, I’m sure that this will help catapult GameFly’s presence within the Gaming Industry as Instant Streaming did for Netflix. Head on over to the Beta’s page to see if you’ll be one of the lucky gamers chosen to partake in the beta before its release this Holiday Season.

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