Activision Announce Rapala For Kinect Due For November Release

Activision Publishing Inc. have teamed up with Rapala, one of the world’s leading fishing brands, to create the first controller- free fishing game for the Xbox 360. Due for release this November, Rapala® for Kinect will feature total-body motion controls where-by players will be able to cast, reel, set the hook and more as though there was an actual fishing rod in their hands. The game will enable one to four players to compete against each other not only to reel in the biggest catch, but also to get to the fishing hot-spots first in fast paced boat races.


“Pro-anglers and family gamers will go crazy for the immersive fishing experience presented in a familiar arcade style format,” said David Oxford, Executive Vice President of Activision Publishing. “Rapala for Kinect captures a simple and straightforward aesthetic with an emphasis on play!”

As with most family focused Kinect games so far, there is a hint of humour as Rapala will allow gamers to generate their own content such as recording your face to paste on to one of the game’s boss fish. The game will also integrate with Facebook to enable gamers to share, and boast about, their best catches. Additionally, all in-game Rapala branded lures will have unique personalities and will communicate with ‘hilariously entertaining jibber jabber’.

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the previous successes of our Activision partnership,” said Tom Mackin, Rapala. “Rapala for Kinect allows us to integrate the worldwide familiarity with Rapala into the living room in a game tailor-made for a fun, family oriented, fishing extravaganza.”

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  • Ted

    Oh dear… Rapala fishing titles were great experiences, hope this is not a new direction that will continue… loved Fishing Frenzy 2009, Tournament Fishing and Pro Bass Fishing but this looks like one for the kids and a severly dumbed down version.. I would love to see them release a serious match fishing version with proper multiplayer.