Crysis Headed For XBL & PSN

Today Electronic Arts and Crytek announced the release for a modified and enhanced version of the original Crysis game on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.
Set to be released in October 2011, fans of the series and newcomers alike can experience the award winning Crysis for 1600 Microsoft Points or $19.99 respectively.

We are extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish with Crysis. We set out to create a next-generation FPS and delivered a PC experience that became a benchmark for quality – and still is for many gamers even four years later,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek. By bringing the single-player campaign to console, we believe we are again setting a new standard for quality in downloadable gaming.

I personally think it is a great idea to port Crysis over to the XBL and PSN services. Those who never got to play the game originally will be now be able to regardless of how recently they have purchased a PC, and for a $20 dollar price tag, I feel like its a decent deal as well.

How does the community feel? is $20 dollars a good price for the Crysis? or should it be less?
Feel free to leave your feedback!

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