Trenched Becoming Iron Brigade Worldwide

After all of the issues that Double Fine had with getting the amazing arcade game Trenched released in the EU regions, they announced recently that they were going to change to name in Europe to Iron Brigade to get it released without any legal issues. While it’s great that this game will finally be released in Europe, it would mean that US gamers wouldn’t be able to play against EU gamers due to restrictions.

Good news Trenched fans, because WORLDWIDE Trenched is going to be changed to Iron Brigade. This means that all copies of Trenched will be changed to Iron Brigade and the update will come to the US alongside the European release. Not only will this update the game to Iron Brigade, but a Survival Mode will also be added to the game, alongside lots of new weapons, a new level and some new salutes. No release date has been given for the EU release date and name change as it’s still in certification, but expect it to be fairly soon.

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