Warrior (Review)

By now, most of you have seen Captain America. At the very end, there is a particular exchange that tugs at the ‘ol heartstrings:


Nick Fury: Are you gonna be okay?
Steve Rogers: Yeah. Yeah. I just…I had a date.


I love movies, and I have seen a lot of them, but I typically don’t fall into the same emotional trance that affects the majority (e.g. Titanic, The Notebook, etc.). If you bottle the emotion from those two lines, and stretch it out over several scenes, you’ll find yourself watching Warrior. What follows is my attempt to implore you to see Warrior, utilizing only a single pun.


I’m not going to wait to say it…this is in the top five sports movies of all time. I’m not going to argue over whether or not MMA is a sport. The character development is so powerful, I was fully invested after the first full sequence with the main characters. I don’t even have a dysfunctional family or daddy issues!

My favorite part of the movie was the acting. Sounds simple, right? But—how many times have you walked out of the theater thinking, “<Insert name> was ok, but <so-and-so> I think would have been great.” I love that big stars were kept away from this picture, incidentally or not. The most recognizable face is Nick Nolte, who does a fantastic job; I could see him walking away with a ‘Best Supporting’ Oscar. Brendan Conlan’s (Joel Edgerton) wife, Tess (Jennifer Morrison), easily wins Best Legs. I won’t waste your time prattling on about how great everyone else was, but there wasn’t a bad apple in the bunch.


My least favorite part? Picky, but I thought the concept of “middleweight” wasn’t really grasped. The UFC defines middleweight as a 185 pound class, and Kurt Angle is billed at 225. The disparity is obvious on the big screen and while I appreciate the underdog theme of the movie, a 40 pound difference in professional fighting is nigh insurmountable.

I essentially went to see Warrior on a dare and I wasn’t expecting much. As for the memorable line…you’ll know it when it happens. It may have been the low expectations, or perhaps the midnight release, but Warrior is a knockout.

Drama/Action. PG-13.

5/5–Must See Opening Weekend!

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  • I saw Warrior at an advance screening about a month ago, I really enjoyed it.  But, I’m also a pretty big MMA fan so I’m kind of sucked into those types of movies anyways.  Warrior felt to me like Rocky minus the boxing, but with MMA instead.  The story of Warrior wasn’t quite up to Rocky though.  I think one of the reasons is because of how Warrior isn’t really focused on one person, but two for the main character.  Because of that I wasn’t able to connect to a single person as much as I did in Rocky.  Overall though I thought it was a pretty good flick and a must see for MMA fans.  Lots of cool cameos too.

  • Great article

    I have to disagree with steve519 here.. Warrior is as good or better a film than Rocky.