Approved: Jetpack Joyride

Welcome to Approved. This article will not only feature a review for the week’s biggest iOS game, but also update you on any other notable apps and updates that you should be downloading. The lucky game is Jetpack Joyride, a multiplatform app on iPhone/iPod and iPad.

In Jetpack Joyride you play as Barry, who breaks into secret laboratories to steal the experimental jetpacks from evil scientists. I wouldn’t think about the story that much because after the first few flights, you’ll be hooked on one of the best iOS games that I have played so far this year. While flying the jetpack, your primary mission is to collect the coins spread out throughout the randomized obstacle course. Up and down you fly, as you dodge missiles and deadly electricity fields in search of the precious coins.

Barry has a challenge ahead of him, because not only do you have to collect the coins, but you are also tasked with doing little objectives, like flying a certain distance in a particular vehicle (I’ll get to them later), or collecting 400 coins in one game. As the game goes on and you complete more missions, you are given more challenging missions to complete such as getting to 1500m without even collecting one coin. By completing these missions you unlock stars to go towards leveling Barry up to the highest level. You also receive coin awards from leveling up to go towards purchasing things from the store.

If you enjoy putting time into a game, this will be it. Having saved up enough to buy a new Jetpack, I sat in the store for a couple of minutes trying to decide between buying the Steam Powered Jetpack or the Laser Jetpack. Eventually, I caved and got the Bubble Gun Jetpack. It’s little things like these that keep the game addicting; not only can you purchase new Jetpacks, but upgrades to your vehicles. The game features 5 different vehicles that Barry can command, all with unique controls and annoyances. The Money Bird is the best vehicle in the game, as the controls of flapping the wings make coin collecting easy, whereas the teleporter is the hardest thing to control. You can upgrade these in the store to suck in coins and make your coin collecting a little easier in the long run.

Another notable feature is the tokens that you collect while playing. You can find these tokens randomly floating up and down throughout the level, and collecting them will take you to a slot machine that you can spin to obtain some awesome rewards such as gaining a head start and starting the next try 750m ahead. Another useful one is double coins, it comes in handy paired with your favourite vehicles fully upgraded to suck in those coins. I highly recommend this app for a download, it costs only $0.99 and works on all three iOS devices.

I’m definitely giving this app Adam’s stamp of Approval. Definite BUY!

Good news! This isn’t the only awesome game that hit iOS this week,

The extremely fun puzzle indie game called Machinarium is finally hitting iOS, only on iPad 2 at the moment as that’s the only device that can handle it apparently. Check it out by clicking on this link.

Another huge hit this week is Grand Prix Story, if you have played any of the previous Story games from Kairosoft then you’ll know how addicting the series is, it’s a a management simulator at it’s very best and I got a feeling I’m going to be hooked to this for a while. Check it out by clicking on this link


And that’s it for this week, if you’ve played any of these games let me know what you think in the comments!


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