Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star (Review)

I’ve always been a fan of bad movies, but some movies are so bad they redefine your whole outlook on terrible films in general. Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star has truly pushed my bad movie gauge to an all time low. It is a movie with very little redeeming qualities that spends more time alienating the audience than creating laughter.

Bucky Larson is a one note movie based on a character who’s only characteristic is being from Iowa, oh and his buck teeth (see what they did there?). The movie’s plot has Bucky coming to the realization that his parents were 70’s porn stars and follows his quest to follow in their footsteps. Once in Hollywood, the Industry capitalizes on Bucky’s non threatening physique and demeanor to create a new type of adult film. Rather than an intimidating stud, Bucky’s films have a lead that makes men feel like stallions by comparison.

On paper the plot seems quite passable for a Happy Madison comedy, but please don’t judge this movie by its plotline. When it comes down to it, this movie could barely be considered an extended SNL skit as there’s very little to the Bucky Larson character to warrant that much attention. Its laughs are far and in-between and feel more based on the shared awkwardness of the audience than any real jokes made by the movie.

Nick Swardson takes the lead role as Bucky and is accompanied by the usual cadre of Happy Madison alumni whose limp performances seem less than “phoned in.” There’s also a rag-tag group of side characters that make up the rest of the cast, including Don Johnson, Steven Dorff, and Christina Ricci as the love interest. The only true savior of this film is Kevin Nealon, who gives a great performance as Bucky’s overly manic roommate. Unfortunately Nealon is rarely seen throughout the movie’s 96 minute running time.

Rich’s Recommended Viewing: Opening Weekend – At The Theater – Rent It – Watch It On Cable – Stay Away! – 1/5 

I’m all for savoring a truly bad movie but there is no way I could ever advocate someone going to the movie theater to watch a movie of this caliber. If you have a morbid curiosity of this steaming pile of cinematic trite, than you’d be best served by catching it on television or Netflix Instant watch once it is released in a couple of months.

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  • Stymie The Invincible

    Love the lowbrow humor of Grandma’s Boy or even Strange Wilderness, but this movie looked like it didn’t measure up…..or is that DOWN to their levels. You’re only reaffirming what I felt viewing the Bucky Larson trailer. Between this and the lackluster performance of 30 Minutes Or Less, Swarsdon better start praying to come up with some better material to work with.

  • Yea man, I loved Grandma’s Boy as well. I really do like Swardson but he’s on a bit of a downward spiral.