Deus Ex: Macintosh Revolution

Hey Mac users, I’ve got one more game for you to add to your somewhat meager and limited gaming libraries. Feral Interactive has recently announced that Eidos-Montreal’s highly acclaimed sci fi shooter/RPG: Deus Ex Human Revolution will be coming to Mac this winter 2011/12. Of course, most people don’t tend to make Mac’s into their primary gaming machines, but this will still come as welcome news to many Deus Ex fans. Human Revolution is truly a fantastic game, and bringing it to the Mac creates yet another avenue of accessibility to this must play title.

I tend to think of my Macbook (which I primarily use for writing and school) as a swiss army knife, with gaming being a welcome -yet hardly fundamental- addition to the overall package. No one with a limited budget and an exclusive and serious interest in gaming would go for a Mac, just as no one would buy a swiss army knife just for the bottle opener. Yet, the bottle opener is still a great feature and tool to have on the knife. Thus, Deus Ex Human revolution will be yet another great option for Mac users looking for a little Adam Jensen action.  I have a number of other gaming solutions that I would choose first, but it’s nice to see my mace do other things.

Raise your hand if you like punching through walls.

If you are unfamiliar with Deus Ex, I invite you to first awaken from your coma, and then make your way to the official site. If you have already played through Human Revolution on your PC or Console, then you shouldn’t expect to see many changes made to the actual game itself as it makes its transition to Mac. So jump for joy Mac users, because Adam will once again be eating the apple.

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