Mario Kart 7 Release Dates Announced

Mario Kart Box Art

Mamma Mia!

Great news for fans of this gigantic franchise! Mario Kart 7 will be released in early December, on the 1st for Japan, the 2nd for Europe and the 4th for the U.S. Recently, the Mario Kart formula for each new iteration has been to add new racing elements, characters, and tracks along with featuring retro tracks from the library on previous systems. This game is no exception. Mario Kart will feature 16 new tracks along with an unannounced list of retro tracks. Mario Kart kart customization, a first person view using the gyro to steer, new power-ups like the Fire flower, hang gliding through the air and underwater propulsion all add up to a new and fresh take on the franchise. In addition, coins (Super Mario Kart) and the trick system (Mario Kart Wii) are being integrated. Also making a return is the local multiplayer and online multiplayer functionality. Running at 60fps (even in 3D) this game looks to be a great addition to the Mario Kart family.

Luigi gliding


Like so many people, I love Mario Kart. I haven’t owned every version of the game, but I have for every Nintendo console I have personally owned. I’m not normally a multi-player player, I enjoy the single player campaigns of games more. However, Mario Kart for the DS has been the glaring exception for me. My colleagues and I have spent nearly every lunch and break time for the past 3 years playing local multi-player matches. We have played so much, we capped out in wins and losses within the game itself a long time ago (9999 wins and 9999 losses). It almost goes without saying, I am going to devour this game when it is released.

Here we go!

Sources: Nintendo Website, Twitter

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