Hate Screenwatching? Try Dual Play

If you have ever played a video game against your friend/family/nemesis, you likely employed the most effective method to ensure victory…screenwatching. Realistically, it’s too hard to not screenwatch. Harken back to the years of Goldeneye on the N64, when you would watch your opponents’ side of the split screen more often than yours. You already knew the layout of each level, so watching their screen would tell you exactly where they were. It’s been the same story ever since then: Halo, Call of Duty, etc. Are you ready to try a versus match with no screenwatching?

Pretty sweet, huh? Finally, a practical use for expensive 3D technology! Now both of you can utilize your full TV dimensions instead of a mere half that split screen gameplay demands. You can expect this tech to be released later this month, for the low, low price of £1799 (or $2915) for the 47-inch or £2499 (or $4050) for the 55-inch. It’s a surefire way to be the most popular guy in your dorm! 

Source: Engadget

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