Approved: Grand Prix Story

Welcome to Approved. This article will not only feature a review for the week’s biggest iOS game, but also update you on any other notable apps and updates that you should be downloading. The lucky game is Grand Prix Story, an  app on iPhone/iPod.

I mentioned this game in last week’s Approved, and since then I’ve been completely hooked. I’ve always been a fan of story games; it started with Game Dev Story, which I had a passion for. I must have played that game for at least 5 hours in a row on one session just so I could make the best game possible. Since then, as subsequent Story games have been getting released by Kairosoft (Hot Springs Story, Mega Mall Story and Pocket Academy), I have been downloading them and leaving them on my device with no time to play them. Eventually I began to play Mega Mall and Hot Springs story, and I just couldn’t get into them. They were mainly money based, and I really struggled to make any kind of progress. Then I bought Grand Prix Story and everything changed.

Grand Prix Story brings the fun, progressive and addictive gameplay of Game Dev Story and now puts you in the pits of a Grand Prix team. You are tasked with building the best car possible by upgrading your team members and the parts you attach to the car. It starts off in traditional “Story” game style, you are giving a large amount of cash to get your team up and running, which is just enough to allow you to afford the smallest and most basic car. After coming third or fourth in a couple of small races, you will have enough research data to upgrade the engine on your vehicle, and maybe even train your driver to be better at handling the car. When trying the race again, you come second and get a bigger cash bonus and more research points. Eventually you win the whole race and get the ability to research a new vehicle type or a wing for the back of your car. And at this point, you won’t be putting down this game any time soon.

Once you’ve started improving your team and climbing the ranks, the game just keeps throwing more and more upgrades at you, through better vehicles and better team members. You just have to hang on a little longer and you might win the big race. While racing, you also have to keep the sponsors happy. You can sign up with multiple sponsors as you progress, and they fund the upgrades that you do to your vehicle by giving you thousands of dollars every couple of races. While this is extremely pleasant and makes the creation of new vehicles possible, the core gameplay comes down to collecting Research Data. You can get this multiple ways, mainly by racing, or alternatively your engineers will come across it while working on your car. You can upgrade Speed, Acceleration, Handing and Durability, all which become extremely important if you want to win the race.

I would say you should buy this game, as it’s a very cheap game and the hours of gameplay you get out of it are worth every penny.

Good news! This isn’t the only awesome game that hit iOS this week,

Remove your head, grab some bombs, and step into the boots of Serious Sam’s most iconic foe, the Headless Kamikaze. Dodge hazards and heavy ordinance from the cowardly Serious Sam himself as you make your way through the chaotic action in an attempt to do what you do best: blow up the vile Serious Sam. Check it out here.



I’m sure everybody has played Peggle at some point, and I know that this isn’t a brand new game, but an update came out recently to fix a couple of things so I just thought I would give Peggle HD on iPad a mention, same addictive gameplay but looking absolutely gorgeous on an iPad screen. Check it out here.


And that’s it for this week. If you’ve played any of these games let me know what you think in the comments!

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