45% Off Video Game Tie-In Books At Barnes And Noble

Video game tie-ins in the media are hit or miss. For everything Sonic the Hedgehog on ABC, there’s an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog in syndication. Captain N is balanced out Donkey Kong Country, and the failure of Super Mario Bros. is weighed against the success of the Resident Evil franchise in theaters. When it comes to literature, it’s a little more standard: most books are tolerable, but rarely amazing.

Barnes and Noble is having a deal on all game-related novels. Knocking 45% off the list, the sale will run for one week. 253 titles are included in the sale. Large swaths of the sale are Star Wars related, but Starcraft, Warcraft, Doom, and the like are represented. Missing from the sale (since it focuses on novels) are any of the amazing (and the weak) comic books based on video games, such as UDON’s work on Street Fighter or Archie’s work on Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman.

Can you put down the controller to take a deeper look into some of your favorite games?

Source: Barnes and Noble

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