Hunting In NYC With Cabela’s And Shawn Michaels

Not every day can I say I did a little hunting in New York City with Shawn Michaels, but I had the opportunity to not only meet the WWE Superstar, but I was able to hunt in the big city (using a gaming peripheral of course) with Cabela’s newest line-up. First up I will give you the details for Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai that is set to release November 1st for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 ($39.99 / $79.99 [Bundle]) and the Nintendo Wii ($29.99 / $59.99 [Bundle]).

Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai puts you face to face with the unforgiving forces of nature! A strikingly deep storyline is riddled with harrowing challenges of extreme survival. Harsh environmental conditions mimic the isolation and danger faced by only the most rugged survivalists. When your plane nose dives into the Alaskan tundra, you must fight your way to freedom. The simple challenge…? Survive!

Key Features

· Rich Story Mode: A richly detailed story of epic survival and adventurous spirit unfolds before your eyes. You control the fate of an intrepid explorer, Logan James. Traverse mountainous terrain, thick forests, and slippery frozen paths as you complete a mysterious mission.

· Extreme Survival: Use your wits, skills and physical endurance to battle against the merciless cold, hazardous geography and the constant threat of starvation.

· You are the Hunted: Along the way you can expect to be confronted by some of the world’s most dangerous predators. These creatures are fighting for survival just as much as you are. Which will succeed?

· Cabela’s Famous Shooting Galleries: No Cabela’s title is complete without a shooting gallery. Be the last one standing after facing off against challenging boss battles, melee face-offs and a groundbreaking, genre bending mix of 1st and 3rd person combat.

· A Terrific Bundle Package: Included in the bundles across all platforms is the accurate and revolutionary hunting peripheral, Top Shot Elite. Ratchet up the adrenaline with the added realism of scope and hand-held, wireless, running and gunning.

Now I know a lot of people are wondering, how well did the Top Shot Elite work? Well let me tell you if you had problems in the past trying to get your Top Shot Elite to sync and track where you are pointing it on the screen, have no fears as this is not a problem any longer. Pointing and shooting was smooth and on-screen tracking was superb.

Next up a little on Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012. Now I did get to play the Classic Arcade Gallery mode, and let me tell you what a lot of fun. They really improved upon this mode as you can’t just use the “spray and pray” method of shooting as each and every shot counts. Once again the Top Shot Elite showed how much it was improved upon in this mode, even though we were playing in a pretty tight spot in the Cabela’s “Adventure Starts Here” 42-Foot Interactive Trailer.

With the world as their playground, players will explore a vast expanse of mountains and valleys with unprecedented choices in direction never before seen in a Cabela’s hunting game. Players can climb an area to get a better angle for the shot but risk being spotted, or they can take a low elevation route with poor visibility but plenty of concealment. Nature doesn’t always wait for you to make the first move as the dynamic weather and natural hazards make the hunt even more challenging. The challenge doesn’t end there. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 ups the ante with the most realistic animals ever seen in the Cabela’s series. Every animal’s unique movement gives clues on what the animal will do next. In order to bag the trophies, players will have to avoid detection through cunning, skill, and deception. They must also utilize master hunting skills such as advanced stalking techniques so they can quickly move through cover and close in on their targets.

A hunter is nothing without his firearm, which is why Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 offers up the coolest hunting rifles and shotguns available. Players will always have the right gear and they can purchase upgrades, producing visible strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. Having the best equipment is only part of the equation as players will have to be the best. Advanced shooting techniques such as accounting for wind direction and bullet drop are critical to making the perfect shot.

With new multiplayer modes, gamers can enjoy playing with friends and family! Up to four people can take turns, work together or challenge each other in different arcade shooting galleries. With new modes such as Reflex and Target Shooting, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 has enough fun to keep players hunting with friends for a long time!

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 with heading our way September 27, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 ($39.99 / $79.99 [Bundle]) and the Nintendo Wii ($29.99 / $59.99 [Bundle]).

Now I did not get to play Cabela’s Big Game Hunting Party, but I did get to check out the gun peripheral that is unique for the Kinect. Where this game is going to be a blast playing is not only will you be taking down your virtual trophy buck, but you will have to fend off predators with a kick that may be attacking you while you are stalking your prey.  Big Game Hunting Party is set to be released November 1st and will set you back $79.99.

If you have enjoyed Cabela’s games in the past you can purchase just the games with out the peripherals (excluding Cabela’s Big Game Hunting Party) but if you had any issues with the Top Shot in the past I suggest you lay down the extra money and purchase the bundle. I had large concerns with the peripherals in the past and after trying out the new ones that is no longer an issue with me.

Be sure to checkout the screenshots for Cabela’s newest line-up and after checking out the screens be sure to listen to what WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels had to say about Cabela’s Big Game Hunt 2012.

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