A Simple Question (With Recap): Gears Of War Exclusivity

Gears of War 3 released yesterday, and by now I’m sure most everyone in the gaming world has had their chance at playing it (I say most everyone because I, myself, will likely wait until the holidays to pick it up, and my current backlog is just too damned insane [and includes Gears of War 2]).  Rather than focus on whether you think the game is good, or whether you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer, I would like to know what everyone thinks about Gears of War remaining exclusive to Microsoft.  What do you think:

Will the Gears of War franchise remain a Microsoft exclusive in the future?

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I know the future is a long time, but it didn’t feel right to just say the next game, because they may re-release the old ones on new systems.  Note also that I am referring to the franchise as a whole – so spin-offs of the game would need to be considered (think Halo Wars).  Personally, I just don’t see how Microsoft can pay Epic Games enough to make them forego potentially millions of units sold minimally on the PS3, never mind any other systems out there down the road.  Don’t get me wrong, Gears has been a great exclusive title for Xbox 360, and both parties have done well for themselves.  I just think that in the end, money talks, and Epic will likely seek theirs from multiple sources, if they have their way.  Of course, Microsoft might not let them go easily, but I still feel as though Gears will end up on other systems.

This is a recap week, where we visit some polls from weeks prior, and put the results up:

Harmonix Music Subscription [47 votes] (If Harmonix did a subscription fee that granted access to all DLC (songs), would you pay?): 66% said Yes.

Hackers [14 votes] (Are you concerned with what the hacking community has been doing lately?): 71.4% said Yes.

Netflix Price Change [153 votes] (Do you agree with Netflix’s decision to effectively raise the price of their bundle?): 85% said No.

Pre-Order Bonuses [88 votes] (Have bonuses that come with some pre-orders (DLC, cloth maps) ever been the main reason you pre-order instead of waiting for the release date?): 55.7% said Yes.

Gaming Backlogs [20 votes] (How long have you owned a game that is currently backlogged (that you still have an interest in playing)?): 45% said 2+ Years.

Nintendo’s 3DS Price Drop [120 votes] (Based on what has transpired with the 3DS price drop, are you now hesitant to be an early adopter to future Nintendo system releases?): 50.8% said Yes.

“Finishing Games” [8 votes] (What do you consider to be the largest deciding factor for you in deciding if you have “finished” a game?): 50% said Beat single player once on any difficulty level, regardless of multiplayer progress.

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  • I think the trilogy could be packaged for the PS3 sometime in the future. The question is whether we move to a new generation before Microsoft’s exclusivity deal runs out.