Dance Central 2 Song Import Plans Detailed

Dance Central has been the go-to game for Kinect. While people have been finding amazing technological uses in the computer field for it, the add-on’s still stretching its legs. Fruit Ninja‘s brought arcade gameplay to it, Rise of Nightmares has breached the Mature rating, but everything comes back to Dance Central as the first major title. With a sequel coming out this fall, dancers want to know how they’ll rock out to their old songs. Microsoft and Harmonix have revealed the details.

Gamers who preorder the title at GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store will receive 400 Microsoft Points. Anyone who purchases the game can transfer their original Dance Central songs (via the code on the manual from the first game) for the cost of 400 MS Points. Therefore, preorder players get it for free. Microsoft’s FAQ has all the questions you’d ask, such as if all songs will be importable (they will) and how much space it’ll take (200-250 MB).

Are you going to preorder now?


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