OnLive Washes Ashore Of The UK

OnLive has been an interesting experiment for American gamers. The tiniest netbook can run the most processor-intensive game at full power as long as you have a stable connection. Cloud gaming is their deal, and they’ve been gaining a name in America for it. Whether it be the positive announcement for built-in functionality in Vizio TVs and tablets coming out, or GameStop removing OnLive redemption codes from games, there’s notoriety in America.

The United Kingdom now has its chance, too. OnLive has released the service there today. New subscribers can buy a full PlayPass for one pound. OnLive players can either by PlayPasses for full individual games, or get PlayPacks that include many games for a limited time. No word on if the codes from the Humble Indie Bundle (or Deus Ex: Human Revolution) will be redeemable, given the difference in region contracts.

Have you tried cloud gaming yet?

Source: OnLive

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