Snowmen Added To Minecraft

It’s one of the biggest indie hits of all time. Millions of people regularly play this game, even though it still hasn’t left beta. People go crazy creating stuff in the game. Based on something children in the cold create, it looks like Notch of Minecraft is adding buildable snowmen to the game.

Got frustrated with AWS, so I made a new mob! 😀

It will be craftable, is friendly, and throws snowballs at enemies. Also melts in hot biomes.

Also, they spread snow by walking around. Nice.

The snowmen are ridiculously suicidal, throwing snowballs at creepers and spiders, annoying them to attack the snowmen. It’s funny. 😀

Remember that snowballs deal 0 damage.

Sorry, did I say “snow man”, I meant to say “SNOW GOLEM”, of course.

Fixed a few annoying lighting bugs, like fences under walls and such. We’re hoping (HOPING!) to release something tomorrow.

If we don’t feel comfortable doing a proper release, we’ll do another “leak”.

Adding snowmen (or “snow golems”) to the game effectively lets players build turrets for defense, even if they do no damage. Minecraft 1.8 came out in September, with a quick patch to 1.8.1. Notch has also mentioned on Twitter that he’ll be removing the Endermen’s (another new creature released in the 1.8 update) ability to move blocks around. Within two months, the game should be released with the Adventure Mode.

Are you going to be building digital snowmen now?

Source: Twitter

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