Who’s Ready For Some Colossi?

ICO and Shadow of the ColossusThe critically acclaimed ICO and Shadow of the Colossus hit shelves and mailboxes next week on September 27th.  Now remastered in HD (and/or 3D), the collection will retail for $39.99.  This collection comes packed with bonus content, reversible cover art and trophies.
I know I should be excited about these games, so I am.  I pre-ordered the collection the day it was made available.  For years I’ve heard about these two games. I’ve heard words like “epic” “beautiful” and “art” describe these games.  These, with a handful of others, have been on my radar as soon as I got my PS3.  I’m trusting the critics and general populace; these games will definitely not be ones to miss.  I’m attempting to approach these games with as little foreknowledge as possible.  Today I see movies and  play games of which I have a general idea of the overall story or the ending.  Unfortunately, this knowledge influences how I watch or play.  I often wish I could re-experience them for the first time.  Well, this is how I’ll naturally get to experience ICO and Shadow next week.  If you have already played these games, then rejoice with me.  If you haven’t yet, then I suggest you order and get to playing.

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