Gamers Take On Aids

An AIDS-like virus just got tea bagged by the gaming community. The University of Washington developed a game called “FOLDIT” back in 2008. It’s described by one of its creators as “Tetris on steroids” but unlike Tetris, the puzzles gamers are working to solve could potentially lead to helping researchers discover and develop new antiviral medications. I’ve always been one to point out the benefits of gaming, Harvard has done several studies that can be found with a quick Google search.. Most of these studies show how gamers who play regularly out do their non gaming counter parts in a myriad of areas. Hand eye coordination, and problem solving abilities come more naturally to gamers, furthermore these studies have shown gamers perform better in team environments, and tend to be more social(it’s a dying misconception that all gamers are locked in a basement somewhere). This is just another fantastic example that gamers, and games are more than a waste of time.

So, cheers to the online gamers who rocked this puzzle, gamers everywhere should raise a glass, and so should those who do not game. This one is a victory for everyone, and it shows just how much games can potentially benefit us all, outside of entertainment. If you’d like to try your hand at Foldit head on over to the site and see if you can help those researchers save some lives.

Source: Foldit

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  • honestly, we’re just in it to own noobs, not save lives. But hey, if we can save lives too who cares.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha /agree

  • YouGame

    I wonder if we could cure cancer if we organize a WoW party of 1,000,000 people

    • Manbearpig6289

      i dunno cancer would have a sh*t load of mana

    • Imsoeffingemo

      Maybe not cancer, but I’m sure we could rid the world of the common flu!

  • Guest

    It’s dying, not dieing

  • 654654

    you need to work on your writing.  try reading more…