Moneyball: Early Screening

For those of you who don’t know anything about Moneyball, it is based on a true story where Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, transforms the way baseball teams are developed. Instead of trying to compete with teams like the New York Yankees where they have unlimited pockets, teams like the Oakland A’s, a small market club, are made to rethink how to put together a team that can not only win, but compete with the big market teams. With the help of Peter Brand, a fictional character played by Jonah Hill, they create a team not based off of the normal stats that GMs would normally look at, or based off of who they are, but they make a team based off of a sabermetric approach for creating a real contender in baseball, one with an extremely limited budget when compared to the New York Yankees.

Now I’m going to be honest with you guys and gals, I’m a huge baseball fan. It’s a game that I’ve played since I was a little kid and I continued to play it all throughout high school. It’s in my blood and I have a soft spot for movies about the sport. I’ve seen just about every baseball movie and after watching Moneyball, this ranks among the best of them. Brad Pitt does an amazing job playing Billy Beane, and you find yourself really connecting with him and hoping for the best (even though if you follow baseball back in the 2000’s you kind of already know the outcome). But one of the things that I really liked about Moneyball was it was slightly unlike any other baseball movie to me. Instead of focusing on one player or a group of friends (Major League, Sandlot, The Natural), Moneyball showed what it took to create one of those amazing teams. Less about the group and more of what it took to create the group.

One of the things that really surprised me about Moneyball, besides how much I liked it, was how much my non-baseball loving wife enjoyed the movie. It’s a really funny movie at times, we both got several really good laughs from it. And we really became connected to Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and the rest of the cast. Really rooting for them at times and hoping for the best. This movie is about a guy that not only is against all odds, but he built a championship contender off of 41 million dollars, with a team that was competing against teams like the Yankees who had a payroll of $126 million. Not only was that not fair, and not only did he build a team that won 103 games that year (more than any other team in the American League), but he changed the game of baseball. By the way, if you can’t tell yet, I’m not a New York Yankees fan; I don’t like what they do, I don’t like how they play the market, and I absolutely love it when it’s October and they are watching the games from their own homes, 1995 baby!

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I know I’m pretty high about this movie but I absolutly loved it. I tried not to throw any spoilers in here, but like I said before, if you follow baseball, you probably already know the outcome. Moneyball though, was just an outstanding movie that has an inspirational, against all odds, type of story and how Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s overcame all odds to become a championship contender. While doing this, they also completely changed the way baseball is done. It’s a great movie that EVERY baseball fan needs to see.

One side note for you gamers, Bobby Kotick is in Moneyball. He plays as Oakland’s owner. While I’m not a huge fan of him, I did appreciate that he was in the movie to help out a charity. Just something to keep an eye out for.

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