SEGA Steams Up Your Weekend With A Sale

Looking for some games to play this weekend? SEGA’s having a massive sale on Steam. Covering everything from Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle to Wonder Boy III: Monster Land, some games are up to 90% off. While most are Genesis ports, there are some great games to be had.

Most Genesis games are down to $.74 through $1.24. The smart gamer will pick up all four SEGA Genesis Classics Packs, each running for $1.87 for 10 games. Four games that originated on the Dreamcast are running for $2.24 each, but picking up the Dreamcast Collection will make one of them effectively free. Gamers looking for something more modern might pick up Alpha Protocol for $2 or Aliens VS. Predator for $4.99.

See anything in the sale you want? I’m tempted by the old school games.

Source: Steam

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