Japanese Version Of Dark Souls Met With Problems Online

Dark Souls is now available in Japan but for some players including those who obtained an early copy might be dealing with unusual countermeasures in-game and more common issues for playing with online enabled.

Relayed by Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek, Japanese blog Esuteru captured an image showing the stats of what is believed to be for a “Black Phantom.” Introduced in Demon’s Souls, the Black Phantom is a player-controlled enemy where they can invade a player’s realm and kill them. The screenshot shows that the stats of the Black Phantom was at the tremendously high level 145. Klepek believed a possibility behind that Black Phantom came from From Software themselves.

If the players didn’t mind the Black Phantoms, the game freezing would. Players who are online might experience freezing online with some claims that the effect is also happening in the title screen. As a temporary response to the issue, developer From Software took down their online servers and recommended everyone to be offline while playing. Dark Souls’ official Twitter page announced that it will be patched next week.

Dark Souls is currently out in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and will be released in Oct. 4, with the Xbox 360 version, in North America.

Sources: Giant Bomb, Esuteru, Siliconera, and Andriasang

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