Star Wars The Old Republic Release Date

How’s it going Star Wars fans? You are about to feel a lot better, because Bioware’s highly anticipated MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic, finally has an official release date. Earlier this year, Bioware told fans that TOR would be released at the end of this year, during the holiday season. They weren’t lying, but they are pushing the envelope as far as it will go before it lands in 2012 territory. As the picture above shows, we will be seeing the glorious release of The Old Republic on 12/20/11; and it will make the best Christmas present in the known universe. If you haven’t already, you could play the game a bit earlier than this by pre-ordering the game now and signing up for early access (open beta). But now that the formalities are out of the way, here is the real question: does anyone own a time machine? No? Well… I thought I’d ask.

We will be together soon my friend...

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  • Disciple027

    I have a time machine. But it only goes into the future at normal speed…

    • a.k.a. old cardboard box sitting in the basement. lolz