Gamefly’s Digital Marketplace Service Beta – Preview

Production Description: The beta for Gamefly’s new PC Game and Mac Game download service started on 9/8/2011 and we were lucky enough to get early access to it. Gamefly’s move into the downloadable video game marketplace is bold one that will put them face to face with already established companies. Their service will have to compete with the likes of Valve’s Steam service, EA’s Origin, Good Old Games, and countless other games dominating the downloadable games’ market.

Installation: Gamefly’s application works a lot like’s Steam’s in that you need to download a proprietary program that gives you access to the library of games that are available. Within minutes I was up and running and had full access to the wide variety of games within the service. The application has all the games set up on what looks like store racks and the service actually allows you to customize the shelves into different styles. Each game also has a dedicated page that has screenshots, videos, and a synopsis of what the game is about.

Usability: Just like the other services, Gamefly’s digital game service allows for access to just about any new or upcoming game and gives you a discount if you’re a current member to their rental service. Along with a 5% or 10% discount (depending on how long you’ve been subscribed) off of game purchases, you will also get access to a variety of free games that are  accessible by anyone with a subscription. While the selection is only about 30 games at this time, Gamefly has expressed their want to expand the collection to many more once the service goes live in the next few months.

Final Say: Overall the application seems to work well and finding the games you need is a simple process.  The application also acts as a hub for your Gamefly account which easily allows you to add games from any console to your Game Q without switching out of Gamefly’s application. With Netflix’s choice to enter the game rental marketplace, I think Gamefly’s move into PC/Digital gaming  is a smart one that gives added value to what is an already great service.

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