Flick Hoops Review (iOS)

Game Review: Flick Hoops
Release: Aug 4th, 2011
Developer: Battery Acid Games
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: (Age): 4+
Version: 1.0
Size: 20.7 MB
Website: iTunes Link

In Flick Hoops, you have to throw a basketball into the hoop, with various things affecting whether you score or not.

If you have played certain other games, the best example being Paper Toss, then you have the basic gameplay concept, which involves you launching a basketball into a hoop, while a fan is blowing in different directions at different speeds, therefore affecting the trajectory of the basketball.

You can control the direction of the basketball in two ways, by aiming and swiping from a different part, which I found very difficult to change and be precise as in most cases the ball flew whichever way it wanted. The other control method involves you turning your device, the only problem being, the game really doesn’t describe what direction you have to tilt your device, and doesn’t really give any kind of introduction on how to play the game, it just throws you straight into the court and expects you to figure it out yourself. This was my biggest gripe with the game. I wasn’t expecting much structure, but the game feels so empty, you have the typical Arcade mode, where you have to throw the ball and try set a new record. Also you have a “hard mode” which makes it a little harder (faster fan speed).

Even though the game does have Leaderboards on Game Center, you really have no motivation to try and get a high score, and while the game has multiple challenges, such as score a certain amount of hoops in a time limit. They become difficult after a while due to the unpredictable nature of the controls.

While Flick Hoops could be an addictive game, it is missing some fundamental features and just doesn’t want you coming back for more.

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