Blue Snowball USB Mic Review

When you hear the word snowball, your mind puts you in your favorite winter sport activity, whether it be snowboarding, skiing, or just a plain old fashion snowball fight in the neighborhood. But if you say Blue Snowball, almost all podcasters and garage bands know the name, and they will tell you that the Blue Snowball is what they use to record their favorite track or podcast. Now just because a lot of people use some sort of Blue product, does this mean the Blue Snowball is right for you? Let’s take a look and see how the Snowball fares in my book.

The packaging for the Snowball, as you will see in the pictures below, is compact, with all the essential parts ready for use and easy to open. No need to grab your scissors to get through any plastic packaging, as the Snowball is packaged for convenience. Now, I know packaging isn’t why we buy a product, but if the packaging looks good, it will attract our attention, and the Blue Snowball does just that. When you see it on a retailer’s shelf, you will definitely want to take a second look at the Blue Snowball.

Installation could not be easier, as it is a direct plug and play mic for Windows PC and Mac. If you are able to insert a USB plug into your computer, then you can install the Snowball without a problem. I installed mine on my laptop, and within seconds it was ready for use.

System Requirements
PC: Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or XP Professional
USB 1.0 or 2.0; 64MB RAM (minimum)

Macintosh: Mac OSX ( 10.6.4 or higher )
USB 1.0 or 2.0; 64MB RAM (minimum)

Once I really got into the Snowball, I found that not only could I use my Snowball to record my favorite podcast, but I could use it to record my favorite song I may be singing (not that I will be competing in American Idol anytime soon). What is nice about the Snowball is that you do not have to lug around your laptop or even your mini netbook, because the Blue can be used on your iPad (iOS 4.3 update needed) as well. If you pair up your Blue with, lets say GarageBand, fiRe or any recording app of your choice, you have recording on the go with your iPad.

The Snowball has 3 settings that are easy to change on the fly, and are accessible on the back of the mic.

Here are the settings for you to take a look at:

First Position: activates cardioid capsule Applications: speech, vocals, podcasting
Second Position: activates the cardioid capsule with a -10dB PAD Applications: live music, loud sound sources
Third Position: activates the omni capsule Applications: conferences, interviews, environmental recordings

The overall quality of this mic is superb. Not only is it well constructed from the base up, it looks really good. It does not take up much room, so you will still have room on your desk for other things, which is a plus for me as sometimes it takes me forever to set up everything up on my messy desk.

There are a lot of alternatives on the market for an easy-to-use mic, but if you are looking for one that is excellent quality, affordably priced and most of all, a mic that just makes what you are recording sound the way it was intended to, then this one is for you. So if you are a just starting up a podcast, or if you are a veteran at recording, Blue’s Snowball is a microphone you should really be checking out. The mic usually will set you back $99, but if you checkout P*N’s Store, you will find the mic on sale for $71.29, so act fast and click on the picture below. Checkout the Snowball in action by listening to the latest episode of P*N’s Lock and Load.

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