Journey Set To Begin In Spring 2012

Don't stop believing

Journey is the latest game from developer thatgamecompany, and they have been tight-lipped about the release date or even a time-frame for their latest game. Many fans had high hopes of a 2011 release, probably fueled by the recent closed beta for the game. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that thatgamecompany made any announcement about its release.   In a post on the company website, co-founder Jenova Chen thanked the beta testers and supporters:

For the past few months, we kept getting asked about Journey’s release date. Yes, we haven’t said anything about our release in a while mainly because we really couldn’t tell. And we don’t want to throw out a date that we are not sure about, and later disappoint our players…
…We are happy to announce Journey will be released Spring 2012, so you can experience the adventure for yourself.

This is another game on my list of “Games I’m looking forward to.” Granted, on paper this game doesn’t sound very interesting. Just playing as a robed figure, unable to communicate with others online, with no instructions or map, the player just travels across a desert toward a mountain in the distance.   Honestly, it sounds like it could be boring.  But then again, Flower was one of my first loves on the PSN, and it doesn’t exactly jump off the page either.   Flower is an experience that betrays attempts to describe it; I have the same hopes for Journey.  So even with this ‘delay’ and the seemingly action-lacking gameplay, I know this game will be an experience I won’t want to miss.

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