Upcoming Gears Of War 3 Single Player DLC Revealed

Players who noticed the downloadable content option in the Gears of War 3 single player menu can now know that the extra missions will be a side story that features a character from the comic series.

Gears of War 3 lead designer Cliff Bleszinski went on over to gaming community website NeoGAF and briefly examined the DLC Season Pass picture of supporting character Michael Barrick from the Gears of War: Hollow comic book, who will have some prominence in “new campaign content that doesn’t have Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird in it.” He also mentions to expect more info soon.

No other details of the upcoming campaign have been revealed, but Bleszinski as of yet but clarified info on the stories of the main game and the expansion campaigns.

“And no, we’re not going to answer everything,” Bleszinski said. “Creatives often leave certain questions unanswered so they can answer them later or let the hive mind of the internet to figure it out.”

Source: NeoGAF (1, 2), ComputerVideoGames

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