Grab Unreal Tournament For $5

$5 Friday is here and OnLive is offering Unreal Tournament for the low price of, you guessed it $5! Now for PlayPack Subscribers you can pick up Unreal Tournament III for $3.50. Now $5 Friday’s don’t last forever as this one ends Saturday 10/1/2011 2:59AM EST.

Here is a little more about the game:

Unparalleled graphical and physical realism from the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 technology delivers the most compelling first-person shooter experience to date…online and offline!
“Titan Pack” Coming Soon.
The “Titan Pack” gives players a substantial amount of enhanced features and new content, including many original environments, new gametypes, the namesake Titan mutator, powerful deployables and weapons, new characters, and the Stealthbender vehicle.
The “Titan Pack” also brings client-side demo recording, major Server Browser enhancements, a new maplist system, plus mid-game mutator and gametype voting functionality to the PC.
“Titan Pack” includes:
16 environments – four Warfare, three vCTF, six Deathmatch, and three CTF maps.
Three bonus pack maps, CTF-Face, CTF-Searchlight and DM-Morbias.
The namesake Titan mutator, which lets players overwhelm opponents as a 15 foot tall titan, or crush them as a 30 foot tall Behemoth.
Greed and Betrayal, two gametypes that breed new-found fervor throughout the competitive UT3 arena.
Two powerful weapons, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon artillery.
Two valuable deployables, the X-Ray Field and Link Station.
The Slow Field power-up, a portable version of the Slow Field deployable.
Stealthbender, a new vehicle that carries two spidermine trap deployables, one EMP mine, and one each of the new Link Station and
X-Ray Field deployables.
Two new characters, Nova and Kana.
Significant AI enhancements, especially in vehicle gametypes; networking performance upgrades; greatly improved menu flow and UI usability; better mod support.
Client-side demo recording, highly improved Server Browser, a new map list system, plus mid-game mutator and gametype voting functionality.

So head over to OnLive right now, and grab up Unreal Tournament III. Not sure if you will like the game? Well have no fear you can try out the demo before you lay down your hard earned cash.

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