League Of Legends: Dominion Tips & Tricks Guide

League of Legends: Dominion Tips & Tricks Guide

I know you were like me when you first got into Dominion. The classic 5v5 map, Summoner’s Rift, instilled certain habits in us: laning, farming, tower hugging. Kick those nasty habits and prepare to learn anew if you want to compete in Dominion.

Picking Champions

Right now, there are certain champions that are clearly more dominant on this map than others. Rammus, for his unparalleled move speed, will get to the top tower before anyone else and is key early game. If built tanky, he is great to prolong the defense of a tower until help arrives. Singed is also excellent in this capacity.

Hard carries are the bread and butter. I would count Jax and Akali among the God Tier of champions on Dominion. Of course, if you are particularly skilled with a certain champion, you may be able to offset natural weaknesses with your prowess. Generally speaking, burst damage is king here; you want the ability to win a 1v1 match most of the time and force two or more opponents to bum rush you to take a tower. Other champions I’ve seen go crazy: Poppy, Udyr, Teemo, Xin Zhao, and Master Yi.

As for Summoner spells, I like to use Exhaust and Ghost. Respawn timers are dramatically shortened, so a long cooldown spell like Ignite or Flash doesn’t offer enough utility. Ghost is perfect for getting across the map to defend or capture a point, and Exhaust helps even the playing field in a 1v2 situation or hamstring an evasive defender.

The Start

When the game begins, everyone should already know where they are going. A good defender, such as Karthus, is great to grab and hold the bottom tower. One player, typically with the slowest move speed, will head to your middle tower and capture that. The other three, hopefully your strongest and most skilled, make a beeline straight for the Windmill, aka The Top, aka the Money Tower. If your team simply holds 3 of the 5 towers all game, you will win. The top tower is equidistant from both bases, making it the most fought-over position. In nearly every Dominion game I play, there is a 3v3 (and eventually 4v4 when the middle tower champs arrive) battle at the beginning of the game for control of the top tower.

A Capture Point. Know it, love it, capture it.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: As soon as you right-click a tower to capture, it will stop firing. This includes the one second warmup time before the channel begins.

Keeping Towers

Rule #1 of defending a point: FIGHT ON YOUR TOWER. Dominion towers are just as destructive as every other tower in this game. If the enemy comes within range, the tower will begin firing at them. Caveat: The new summoner spell, Garrison, is meant to swing the tide here:

Allied Turret: Grants massive Regeneration and Attack Speed for 8 seconds.
Enemy Turret: Reduces Damage by 80% for 8 seconds.

If the enemy uses Garrison when assaulting your tower, if effectively becomes a 1v1 fight. If you use Garrison, your tower practically becomes a second teammate.

One of the best defenders in the game is AP Shaco; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve destroyed two assaulting enemy champions by stacking Jack in the Box on a tower and popping Hallucinate.

Taking Towers

Unless you possess extreme burst ability, you will want to take two (or more, depending the situation) champions to capture a tower. The reason: The enemy team will see when one of their points is being stolen, and they won’t like it. Fortunately, they usually arrive staggered, giving you time to take the fight to them.

Tower diving is not a new or novel concept, but it is much more prevalent in Dominion. It may sometimes be the only way to take a tower if it is actively guarded by a champion. This is why you want to take two champions to capture a point: One dives and takes the tower hits, while the other shoots in and destroys the enemy.

Katarina is actively channeling, the other two are warming up.

In regards to the earlier super important note: If the enemy is being evasive around their own tower, sometimes the best strategy is to have one champion take the tower out of the equation by initiating a capture. This will force the enemy to engage and quickly bring the confrontation to a head.

Map Control and Quests

As previously stated, a team only has to control 3 map points to begin damaging the enemy nexus. This is what makes the Money Tower so important. There is no real advantage to taking a tower on the enemy’s half, because they can quickly recover it with the low respawn timer and close proximity to their base.

Quests were made specifically to prevent a team from turtle-ing on three bases. A quest always has two goals: Defend a point you already have, and Capture a point you don’t have. Quests aren’t mandatory to complete and there is no penalty for failing, but if successfully completed, will deal massive damage to the enemy nexus. Most teams will go for the quest at the risk of overextending because of the incentive.

The Golden Rule

If you ask any LoL veteran what the most important aspect of the game is, they will all say the same thing: Communication. Communication makes a good team great, and a great team unbeatable. Map awareness is not a gift everyone has, so take a couple seconds to type “bot inc” or “3 coming top,” anything to help your team know what is going on.

Hope this helps with the learning curve. If you want to game, look up “Doomsnail” online (NA region). The champion I play isn’t listed in this guide. I’m being selfish and saving him/her/it for me. 🙂

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  • Jimmy

    Your secret champ is heimer isn’t it?

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty comfortable with saying no to that one. I tried heimer; he gets steamrolled mid-late game.

  • DominoIon

    Thanks for the advice John. I have recently started paying dominion, and have deciding to try and work out the optimal strategies based on game theory and mathematics. Currently I am working on building a basic model based on generic hero “types” based on 3 attributes only – mobilty, damage and health. This is to try and work out a list of dos and don’ts, and the best way to start the game. I think the very first team fight is critical and potentially very easy to win against a less skilled team. I had the idea of sending 4 people to the top lane instead of three, with the forth exiting the top teamfight after blowing all thier cooldowns/ escaping on low health, then heading to the mid point and taking it, grabbing the health rune on the way. What do you think? It could demolish the typical 3 man team that’s normally sent to top, according to your article. PS. what’s your hero? Is it Talon?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen 4 rush top at the start, with varying degrees of success. It’s putting all your eggs in one basket to a degree; should your team lose, you not only lose top, but your mid as well. This creates an early game headache, but Dominion matches routinely see huge comebacks from the losing team late game.

      Your research into optimal strategies sounds very interesting! Let me know what you come up with.

      P.S. I smash Talon 1v1 ^^

  • Carter

    What’s your opinion on promote? Is it viable? Or is the minion too easily killed in a short space of time?

    • Anonymous

      Promote is great early game. The super-minion can tank the tower and deal decent damage to an enemy champion. In my experience, it loses its firepower mid-late game because champions scale much faster than the super-minion. It may be worth it for one teammate to have Promote for emergencies (just like Garrison), but I’ve found Exhaust and Ghost to always be useful regardless of what phase of the game you are in.