Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Battlefield 3 - Can it live up to the expectations?

The long-anticipated and speculated Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta was made available to the public this week, but were expectations too high for it? Quite often Battlefield 3 has been referred to as the top FPS this year, and many see it as the game to finally take the FPS king Call of Duty’s crown. This installment in DICE’s signature FPS series definitely has a lot to live up to with such high expectations from its fans.

At first glance, Battlefield 3 looks incredible. Environments are highly detailed and rendered in great quality, all the weapons look stunning and the level of detail on every last wall, tree, crate and even brick makes them look as though they have been intricately crafted. Battlefield’s famous “Destruction” element of the game, which allows players to destroy almost anything they see, has been updated incredibly here, as players are able to chip away tiny pieces of walls and other cover with bullets and are ‘rewarded’ with not only being able to see and shoot enemies better through their cover, but the visual effect of seeing tiny little pieces of debris being chipped away from the wall. The larger scale destruction is equally impressive, with players able to make holes in the floor, crates, and even remove entire walls with explosions to create an entirely different environment that can completely change players’ tactics and play-styles. This is something which is unseen in other games.

Battlefield 3’s Multiplayer is, as with every other Battlefield game, heavily team based. No other game rewards you so much for helping your team, and that system is still massively prominent within this game, with no health regeneration increasing the need for the medical supply boxes deployed by players using the Assault class. Points are awarded for many things besides kills and objective arms/disarms – you also receive points for ‘spotting’ enemies for your team mates, for allowing your squad members to spawn on you, for healing, reviving or resupplying your team mates, and even just for firing bullets near enemies, which will unsteady their aim and slightly blur their screen, and give you a “suppression assist” if they are killed. Personally, I love the teamwork element that is required to do well in the Battlefield games, as this is something which no other FPS, and very games in general, incorporate into their multiplayer. Unfortunately, this relies on teammates actually helping their team and not just “lone wolfing” and playing for their own benefit.

However, nothing’s perfect, and that also stands true here, but thankfully many of the flaws and issues with this game are most likely only bugs/glitches with the Beta that will be fixed by the time of the full retail release. But some of these issues are severe, such as major graphical or audio glitches, players falling through the floor from the effects of the destruction caused by explosions, and a lot of other serious problems. So far, though, the Beta is a great, enjoyable experience, and the full game may live up to be the “Call of Duty killer” that it is speculated to be.

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  • Guest

    There is regenerative health

    • Ross

      no there isnt dummy

      • guest

        what? your a fucking cunt ross there is regenerative health in the bottom left corner you piece of trash cunt fuck bitch slut. Jks seriously though there is so I recommend you play the game a bit more before posting your impressions

  • Jonmny765

    Go and fuck yourself Activision

  • Aaron

    Wouldn’t you expect to fall through the floor as a result of destruction caused by explosions, isn’t that the point of the ‘destruction element’?

    • Pro

      the “fooling through the floor” is a glitch, where you literally fall through the floor.. such as, the floor of the map and you tend to get stuck.

  • Afaf

    i played this today and i can say i rather play gears 1 then this shit

  • Anonymous

     “Battlefield 3′s Multiplayer is, as with every other Battlefield game,
    heavily team based. No other game rewards you so much for helping your

    Uh, Team Fortress 2 does. The classes are inherently operating to serve the team.
    Dota? Starcraft? World Of Warcraft? Guild Wars? There are countless games that have more emphasis on team work.  This statement seems to kinda be hype on your end I think.

    • EFspartan

      I think he was implying in the FPS genre… Team fortress encourages team work but most of the time you’re running and gunning.

  • JackRipper

    “Looks incredible”????  Did you even look at the game?  It looks worse than the last one…