PSN Pass Required For Uncharted 3’s Online Play

According to what Sony España Software Manager Juan Jiménez told spanish site The Vault, upcoming PS3 exclusive Uncharted 3 will require a one-time-use code in order to access the online features.

Wanna play online with an used copy? You'll need the code.

This move fits with the PSN Pass strategy, which was introduced earlier this year with the launch of Resistance 3, and was designed to combat piracy and make profit from used copies (in a similar fashion of what EA did with titles like Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2). This means owners of used copies will have to buy a $10 code separately in order to enjoy Uncharted 3’s full experience.

In Jiménez words, “Yes, we’ll continue working with the PSN Pass in order to make a definitive stand against piracy,” which basically means we can expect every important Sony release to feature the aforementioned code.

If you know spanish, here’s the whole interview with Jiménez, who says a couple of interesting things about PS Vita among other things.

Source: IGN, Joystiq, The Vault


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  • Anonymous

    sony just say to me that dont buy your game NEW at LAUNCH…. i hate online pass it restrict the ownership of a game, it violates our rights once i own the game i should be allowed to play it in any ps3 with whatever account i want to use, its not digital distribution like steam or origin that tie you for something…. what a sad day i was going to buy it, and it was for me a goty, now just wait for the goty version at a reduced price maybe that make it a little more worthy…

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