Bloody Roar 5 News A Lie

Fans of the barely-remembered fighting series Bloody Roar were dealt a bit of a sucker punch over the weekend. On Friday, a tweet from Hudson Soft revealed the development of Bloody Roar 5.

HudsonSoftLtd ハドソン [Hudson Soft]
New Bloody Roar sequel, is in production! we’ll post more soon! 😉 #BloodyRoarProject2012 #BloodyRoar5 #BloodyRoar Read and Retweet! 😉

Much to the public’s chagrin, it was revealed to be a bit of a fib (read: lie) earlier today.

HudsonSoftLtd ハドソン [Hudson Soft]
Sorry people, just wanted to show @Konami that their is still fans of #BloodyRoar

It seems someone in control of the account wanted to have a bit of fun at the expense of the fans.

Although I played the original Bloody Roar back in my PS1 days, it is barely a memory here in the present. In fact, upon reading the “announcement” of Bloody Roar 5, I started picturing Primal Rage — that is how little Bloody Roar impacted me.

Speaking of Primal Rage — someone should bring that game back. Fighting dinosaurs? I’m in.

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  • Kenjisalk

    Sorry man, but Bloody Roar was way more of a competent fighter than Primal Rage.  It basically played a lot like Street Fighter EX or Rival Schools.  Comparing the two is laughable, and BR could easily be revived ala Street Fighter IV.