Apple Confounds Investors And Consumers At News Conference

Well the Apple press conference has come and gone and millions of tech heads have been left a bit crestfallen at the lack of an iPhone 5 announcement. Today’s Conference was touted by many as Apple’s day to unveil the iPhone 5 but instead the event felt more like a stop-gap meant to keep the brand on people’s tongues more than wow the investors and audience abroad. What was predicted as a coming out party was instead a stream of incremental upgrades to each of their devices and iOS software.

While not as exciting as an iPhone 5 announcement, the announcement of the iPhone 4S was still big news. For the full specs, check out one of our earlier posts.

As earlier predicted in my iPhone 5 Rumor Mill article, the iPhone is coming to Sprint but in the form of the new iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 4. I’m a loyal Sprint customer of over 4 years and this news has gotten me very ecstatic for the release date later this month. While I would have preferred a completely overhauled iPhone 5 experience to satisfy my tech needs, the upgrades to iPhone 4S seem quite substantial.

Top 4 iPhone 4S Improvements

1. Better graphics with A5 chip that currently powers the iPad.

2. Dual antennae for transmitting/receiving for improved call quality.

3. Better camera for both pictures and video.

4. New chip and antennae set up combine for data speeds comparable to 4g.

Overall the conference was not exactly what the tech world was salivating for and from the drop in Apple’s stock since the event, I don’t think it was what investors wanted to see either. There were a lot of fun new features within the outline of the iOS 5 sections of the conference but when it came down to it, they were aping features of other apps from the iTunes marketplace. This doesn’t spell doom and gloom for the Apple brand, but it does represent a bit of a lull in what has been a juggernaut of innovation over the last few years.

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