iPhone 4S Announced, Specs Included

Moments ago, Apple ended the “Let’s Talk iPhone” conference with the announcement of the “iPhone 4S”. We all knew than an announcement was coming of either a 4S or a 5, but the announcement is out and here are all the new features that you can expect from the new iPhone 4S.

First of all, nothing new to the external hardware, so don’t expect a bigger screen and any change to the design of the phone. You can expect a completely new and upgraded camera, but I will get to that later.

The main thing that you should care about with the 4S is how powerful the device is, it features a dual core processor, with up to 2X faster CPU. Expect dual core graphics and speeds of up to 7x faster than the iPhone 4. All of this is achieved by the Apple A5 chip that they are putting in the device.

Also the battery life is still very similar to the iPhone 4 but I assume it can hold out a little longer. If you use your wireless on your phone you’re going to appreciate the new wireless speed, with up to 2X faster downloads using HSDPA, this means that you can get up to a 14.4mbps download speed on your phone,  twice the speed of the iPhone 4.

If you are a frequent user of the camera on the iPhone 4 and you think the quality is pretty good, your about to be in for a shock as the iPhone 4S features a 8 Mega-pixel camera, double the iPhone 4. You can take absolutely amazing photos and not only that, you can also take 1080P video, not just HD recording, but full on 1080P recording. Also the camera is much faster, and has backside illumination giving out 73% more light. Little things like face detection and only taking 1.1 seconds to take the first photo make this camera pretty darn powerful. The 1080P video recording also features video image stabilization and also temporal noise reduction.

For weeks now we have had rumors of an “Assistant” being integrated into the phone and that is exactly what’s happening. Meet “Siri” the personal assistant that takes anything you say into the microphone and quite simply, does it. In the demo that was given it was asked “Do I need a raincoat?” in Siri said “it sure looks like rain today” and pulled up a weather forecast. Other neat examples being asking for the time in Paris pulled up a clock of Paris, you can even sort out your calendar, by saying, book a meeting with Phil tomorrow morning in the meeting room, and it will all jump into your calendar. If someone sends you a text asking you to go biking tomorrow morning, the assistant will let you know of the conflict and reschedule you. You can ask for restaurants and it will pull the nearest ones up. Another great example being “Remind me to call wife when I’ve left the office”, in this sitation it already is aware of who your wife is, and puts a location based circle around your office, when it detects you leaving this area, a reminder pops up.

It’s really hard to describe how intelligent Siri is, you can pretty much say anything and it can pull some sort of data to you, it even uses Wolfram Alpha to get some data. Dictation is also possible in emails and text messages and as you go on, your phone learns your voice to get even more precise results.

I’m not going to go into what you can get from iOS 5, iCloud is going to be out alongside the phone at launch for free.. And iTunes Match seems way overpriced at $25.00 a year.

The pricing of the iPhone 4S is below:

16GB: $199
32GB: $299
64GB: $399

The iPhone 4S is to be released on Friday 14th October and pre-orders will begin on the 7th.

Image Source: Engadget

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  • So the question is, who is buying one?  I am.

  • Krazy XP

    Me too. Hopefully at launch. 🙂