Trials Evolution Will Hit Floor At 2011 New York Comic-Con

The official release date for Trials Evolution has not been announced but Microsoft and RedLynx will be giving fansanother chance to play the game this October. Thousands of cos-play fanatics will get their hands on the PAX build of Trials Evolution at this year’s New York Comic-Con on October 13th-16th.

Trials Evolution Hits New York Comic Con!

Upcoming XBLA game playable on the show floor, October 13-16

 Beginning at 3:00 PM on Thursday, October 13th and running through the weekend of Sunday, October 16th, you will be able to play Trials Evolution hands-on in the Microsoft booth, with the very same build those lucky people at PAX got to play earlier this year.

Trials HD was a huge hit on XBLA in 2009 and Trials Evolution is set to improve on the original’s formula and success. Between the new graphics engine and more robust multiplayer, Trials Evolution looks to once again challenge and entertain gamers this holiday season.

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