Joe Simon: My Life In Comics Review

Joe Simon My Life In Comics
Publisher: Titan Books
MSRP: $24.95

Even if you don’t know who Joe Simon is, chances are you know some of the characters he’s created. One of them has become one of the biggest characters in all of comic book and even had a blockbuster movie come out this summer; Captain America. Captain America is probably Joe Simon’s biggest creation, but it was far from his only one. It seems like as long as there was a comic book industry in America, Joe Simon has been a part of it. As an artist and a writer he has been hugely influential in all aspects of the industry. His new autobiography, Joe Simon: My Life In Comics details his life and legendary career.

The book delves into Joe Simon’s fascinating life and career in comics. It does take a while for the book to get into Simon’s career, but knowing his roots helps you understand him as a person. He started drawing early in his life and never stopped. His work ethic is amazing. I don’t think a day has passed without him drawing or writing something. The book shows how talent, connections, a little luck and most importantly, hard work combined to form Simon’s legendary career. Throughout that career he and many of his colleges helped to shape the comics industry into what it has become today.

Seeing how different the comic industry was at the start of Joe Simon’s career compared to today is fascinating. Today a few publishers dominate the industry. During the industry’s beginning though, there were tons of publishers. Marvel and DC Comics are huge today, but back then they could have failed just as easily as any other publisher. The amount of blatant copying of ideas was also interesting to see. As soon as a comic became successful there were 10 others exactly like it. The book does a great job of showing you all the different aspects of the industry as well as how it’s changed.

Through Simon’s career, the book shows you how the comics industry started and evolved. It’s a book about both Joe Simon and the comic book industry growing with each other. Simon is good at keeping it fun, mixing in funny stories along with information about the industry and his career. If you are interested in one of the legends of the comic book industry or just the history of comics, this book is a must read.

8 out of 10

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