Nightwing Joins Arkham City… Avatar Attire

He was the original Boy Wonder. He carved a name out for himself in Bludhaven. When things get bad, he takes over as the Dark Knight. Dick Grayson has been Robin, Nightwing, and even Batman, but he’s not been confirmed for Batman: Arkham City. Having missed the previous critically acclaimed title, will Batman’s pre-eminent partner show up to help save Gotham? Some latest Xbox downloads suggest such.

While Achievements and possible screenshots have teased, Xbox Live Marketplace has something very intriguing: Nightwing clothing. While it’s not a full Nightwing outfit like other characters known to be in the game, it’s a shirt that gets his appearance across. There’s also a female model, despite a female Nightwing only existing for a handful of issues. Additionally, Nightwing’s current costume in the comics is red (and he’s only had it for one issue, given that he just stopped being one of many Batmen).

Source: Comics Alliance

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