Sony Introduces ‘Only On PSN’ Program

Only On PSNOn Monday, Sony introduced the fruit of their $20 million dollar investment in platform exclusives. and they are wasting no time in rolling them out. Throughout the month of October, new games will be released each Tuesday. Games involved in the program range from PSN games like Eufloria and inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood to some PS2 games like God Head and Odin Sphere. In addition, PlayStation Plus members can grab the games for 20% off during the first week of availability for each game. But wait, there’s more…spend $60 in the PlayStation Network on games in the month of October, and Sony will give you $10 to spend in November.

When Sony announced their investment in PSN games in July I was intrigued. As I don’t own a Xbox 360, I’m very interested in the value added to my console of choice. Making games available from independent developers or from a console I missed (PS2) available on PSN or in HD remasters makes me very excited. When the PlayStation Plus program was announced last year, I jumped on board in the first few days. I never expected to still be saving money. Granted, each month the free games and discounts strengthens Sony’s grip on me, but I’m ok with it. So, I am going to grab some of these discounts and hope I have time to enjoy them all during this wonderful season of games.

Source: PS Blog

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