Yakuza Of The End To See Dead Souls To America

The Yakuza franchise in America has had a troubled past. The first two games came off without a hitch, but the third was severely modified. SEGA made reparations and made sure the fourth title was as close as it could be. Two spin-off titles haven’t been released in America yet, and it was looking like a third wouldn’t as well. It’s true, Yakuza of the End will not be coming to our shores.

Yakuza: Dead Souls will.

Renaming the title is one thing, but SEGA ensures that the entire storyline will be present. In addition, the game will add a new mini-game, Pachislot. The original Japanese game was slated to come out two days after the horrific earthquake and tsunami that rattled Japan, but eventually was released. Notably, Dead Souls deviates from previous Yakuza titles by adding sci-fi elements of a zombie outbreak into the mix. To up the ante against these beasts, players will now have an assortment of guns and other projectile weapons to take monsters down from a distance.

Source: SEGA

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