EA Loves Wii U; Main Franchises Will Appear On The Console

According to an interview for Reuters, industry legend Peter Moore affirmed EA is completely committed in bringing the big guns to Nintendo’s first foray in High Definition gaming. “There are no indications that there’s anything that feels like it’s off target,” said Moore while indicating he would be visiting Kyoto to check on Wii U‘s processing power, general specs, price and launch date. “From our perspective right now, specs are a big deal,” he added.

While main publishers have traditionally refused to put too much dedication on Nintendo’s consoles, which are usually designed primarily to promote the japanese firm’s own titles; this time Moore promises EA is going all the way in terms of their support towards the upcoming hardware. “Our teams are working on it around the world. Our key franchises will be there. We’ve made that commitment to Nintendo.”

In addition, Moore praised Nintendo’s approach on the tablet-like controller for Wii U, claiming it was “smart” and stating it’s not “going to replace an iPad 2 but it is playing into what a consumer feels comfortable with”.

Source: IGN, Reuters

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  • Nintendoro

    i am gonna love Wii U and i have always loved EA games. Just one request, MASS EFFECT PLEASE

  • Nintendoro

    Peter  Moore, do us Nintendo fan boys a favour, make MASS EFFECT PLEASE!!!! We are all gonna love you for it