Criterion Releases Series Of Surreal Videos Featuring Hasselhoff

Criterion has released their final video in their series of promotional videos for Burnout: CRASH! featuring David Hasselhoff as “The Master of Disaster.”  I’d say it was a shock to see Hasselhoff featured in a set of goofy video game promo videos, but to be honest nothing really surprises me these day’s when it comes to the Hoff’s career.
Following up his destructive chicken moves and cheerleader-style pom-poms, Hasselhoff returns to show how destructive a kung-fu fireball could be. Watch the head-to-fender battle royale between the Hoff and his arch-nemesis, the Pizza Truck. Can the Hoff take out his cheesy foe? Will there be automotive carnage with a side of breadsticks?
Hasselhoff returns one last time as the Master of Disaster for Burnout Crash!, the latest downloadable title from the makers of the Burnout series. Brought to you by Electronic Arts and great for all ages, Burnout Crash! returns to the fan favorite Crash mode of barreling into traffic to cause the most amount of damage. Watch The Hoff show off his Microsoft Kinect moves to earn high scores and continue his reign as Master of Disaster.
Here’s the first video in the series featuring Hasselhoff hamming it up in a chicken suit:

Next up, Criterion released this video with Hoff dressed up as a cheerleader:

Last, but certainly not least we have the former Knight Rider star playing a mix of Ryu and Goku:

Burnout CRASH! was released a few weeks ago for 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA and $9.99 on PSN and is well worth the price. But you don’t have to just take my word for it, the power of Hoff compels you.

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