Nick Swardson Premieres Xbox Live Smack Transporter

Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time is back for a second season. It’s kinda like Chappelle’s Show, especially with the new season adding more stand-up bits. While Dave Chappelle covered Grand Theft Auto in his run, Swardson covers the dangers of Xbox Live smacktalk. In fact, he’s introduced the Xbox Live Smack Transporter.

When an opponent starts to relentless taunt you, the Smack Transporter will kick in. The Transporter will teleport any player to their opponent, giving them one minute to respond in person. This may, in Nick’s case, include beating up your dad, hooking up with your sister and/or mom, and pouring lemonade all over your head. The episode is online, and the segment is in the last part of the episode. Additionally, the show is rated for adults, so keep that in mind when looking up the clip.

Would you like to confront your Xbox Live assailants in person?

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