Is There Any Difference?

Is there really any difference?

Games have so many similarities now.. where do the real differences lie?

After recently playing quite a lot of Gears of War 3, it made me realise, not many games have a large selection of actual game mode options to choose from. Not the basic stuff, like the choice in competitive multiplayer between Deathmatch/Slayer or objective-based gametypes, and whether or not you want the ability to respawn mid-round, but actual choices of entire game types. It is almost inevitable that every major title now will have a main campaign/story/career mode (herein referred to as story), which is sometimes playable in either online or offline co-op, and several game modes for competitive multiplayer, either in split-screen or over the internet, but that’s usually it.

The creativity of the game developers seems to have diminished now, with many titles offering little more than a story mode, and then competitive multiplayer, with some titles adding in wave-based survival game-types, but even those are generally limited. Thankfully there are a few games however that still give players a wide variety of options on what they want to do, with Gears of War 3 being the most recent, with it’s 2 types of campaign, 2 types of wave-based games, and several game modes for competitive multiplayer, which provide a varied experience, allowing players to always be doing something different.

Another slightly less common idea which some games feature is a “mapmaker”, an in-game tool which allows a player, or in some cases groups of players, the ability to create and often fully sculpt their own maps for multiplayer. Most games also allow players to upload their created maps to a server for anyone with an internet connection to be able to see. Although this cartography (map-making) element may not seem like much in a game, but this often allows players the ability to create their own entire game types, be they competitive or not, through the use of manipulation of rule sets for games, or the placing of objects within the map.

In conclusion, it seems like a majority of games today offer players little options in what they will be doing while playing that game, short of different competitive multiplayer game types, but these games are still fun in any case, but it is nice to have a wider selection of actual game modes available to you, and it’s a shame more developers don’t opt to be more creative when adding features to their games, and simply put in competitive multiplayer modes and sometimes a co-operative story mode.

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